September 2022

Taking another step into the future with Cobi 18

Introducing Cobi 18—taking another step into the future to make your life easier. Cobi 18 is an autonomous floor scrubbing robot that cleans all hard floors. It is designed to replace small manual floor scrubbers and free up time to focus on other important tasks that may get skipped due to time constraints and increased workload.  

According to the Phillips 66 Consumer Insights Report, 97% of consumers say cleanliness is important when deciding where to refuel, so we know how much our consumers are looking for clean convenience stores.

How does Cobi 18 work? 

Cobi 18 was designed by cleaning professionals for cleaning professionals. This advanced artificial intelligence integrates data from a combination of different sensors to identify its surroundings and safely navigate around obstacles. Furthermore, with its simple user interface, opportunity charging capabilities and saved route maps, Cobi 18 can be easily programmed and deployed multiple times a day with the click of a button, resulting in reliable and consistent cleaning. As though that weren’t enough, ICE Cobotics’ i-SYNERGY fleet management software provides managers and end-users with a simple way to manage and monitor cleaning performance and get real-time data insights.  

This all sounds good, but how much does Cobi 18 cost? 

Cobi 18 is brought to market with a truly all-inclusive subscription program. What does this mean? No hidden costs, providing you with a true operating cost. All training, service and repair, consumables and software updates are included. Subscriptions are offered in 12- and 36-month terms with annual and prepaid payment options for as low as $15 to $20 per day.  

What a steal! How do I get started? 

Fill out this form or send an email to for more information from your local ICE Cobotics representative. 

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