Verifone: End-of-Life Incentives Available 

As previously communicated, Verifone discontinued the Topaz XL 410, Ruby2, RubyCi, Ruby2 iOrder in 2023. Verifone no longer makes features available in 
software intended to run on these discontinued devices. Learn more about how to upgrade to the newest technology and new incentives available. […]

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Phillips 66® Announces 2024 NFL Sponsorships 

We’re excited to unveil our branded sponsorships for the 2024-2025 NFL Season! This season we’re bringing the GO to the football field. We’ve expanded our NFL sponsorships to help engage consumers, build loyalty and drive traffic to Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76®-branded sites. […]

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Fraud Alert: New Fuel Theft Method Scheme 

Please be aware of a new fuel theft method scheme that could impact your site(s). Fuel theft criminals are using a new method to tamper with the internal electrical wiring of fuel dispensers which allows them to steal fuel. […]

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Fraud Alert: Phone Scam/Credit Card Refunds/Gift Card Activation

Phillips 66 has received several reports from stations that have fallen victim to credit card fraud via a telephone call to the store. The calls generally come in during the late night/early morning shift but could potentially take place at any time during operation hours.   The callers are claiming to be from the corporate office, […]

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Phillips 66® takes over the St. Louis’ Ballpark Village July 13 

Phillips 66® is excited to take over St. Louis’ Ballpark Village and provide a suite experience to 12 lucky fans when the Cardinals face the Cubs on July 13!    Phillips 66 Ballpark Village Takeover Fans can’t miss the Phillips 66® activation at Ballpark Village on July 13!  The Ballpark Village Takeover will feature an autograph signing […]

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Consumers can celebrate the Independence Day holiday with additional savings when they use the Fuel Forward™ app to fill-up at branded sites! For the entire day of July 4th, consumers will enjoy an additional 17¢ off per gallon on transactions made within the app. These savings come in addition to the existing offers at participating sites, including the 20¢ off per gallon for the first fill-up, after downloading the Fuel Forward™ App.  […]

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76® Renewable Diesel POP Refresh is here!  

This month, we’ve introduced the new 76® Renewable Diesel POP! All sites should have received the kits at this time and should be displaying if supplying 76® Renewable Diesel.   The signage kit includes:   The lug on is designed to help engage consumers through the QR code driving to At consumers can learn more […]

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